Chalet Kent is an extension of our diverse support system. 


We aim to keep the youth inspired and empowered.


Arts & Generosity

Partners in Love and Art, they created the masterpiece in the Fem Space.


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Mentor & Friends

Mahdi sees Simahlak as a mentor and a friend. If you ask they might tell you more...

The Block by Block Party we had Fall 2017 was a great time for mentors and friends to get together. Some who have touched many and came out to grace us with their presence that day. It takes a willingness to share and in so many words, care. The Mentors. They wish the best for us. They may keep us on our toes but only because they see the best in us. It is not their duty to give us special attention, to show us what they know but they do and truly they become our friend, as we grow into our own. That’s why we are so honoured to have Simahlak come through that day, who has mentored many: Mahdi, Nitai and also myself, it’s the least we can do to give him recognition for his contribution to our growth. Very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does, we are blessed and grateful we got people like this in our lives. We hope we can do the same for others.

- Samantha Hinds, Outreach Worker and Dance Instructor at Chalet Kent. 


Today’s youth.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

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