Fem Space

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Our mission is to provide a positive stimulating environment for young folks to create a non-threatening inclusive space that encourages open-mindedness, love and respect. The Femspace grants youth an opportunity to discuss topics that are often seen as taboo or too uncomfortable to talk about. Animators at Chalet Kent will facilitate these discussions with the intentions of providing youth with life affirming insight, as well as providing the youth with resources and/or tools needed to be more responsible, confident and active members in their community. The Femspace challenges and questions both traditional and mainstream ideals of femininity. 



What does femme mean to you? 

My definition of femme is not linked to any particular gender or sexual identity. It’s more than aesthetics, it’s a connection to strength and healing that forms bonds and community. Its different to everyone and that’s what makes it empowering. Deciding how we are instead of being told how to be. My personal view of myself as a femme is like a bad-ass pokèmon who evolved from femininity. Leaving behind the societal expectations and gaining power and strength, still knowing there’s always a better version of myself that I need to work towards.

-Chandi Rae

To be femme means to keep alive an ancestry I was never allowed to know. It means being told War kept my people alive against colonization even though I know lullabies, warm hands, and tears survived  every generation. It means even when fluidity was erased, I still have an inherited softness that I can choose whether or not I use as artillery.

-Deno Amaro

I think being femme means being resilient. For me, being femme was a long journey to finally granting myself permission to look how I want, to express my myself honestly and openly and not care about seeming “silly” or “too emotional”, despite everything I’d been taught. More than anything being femme means being there for all femmes. Especially femme POC, and gender-nonconforming/trans femmes. It’s checking in. Making sure your femme friends get home safe. Now more than ever, we really need to be here for each other.

-Victoria Rose