Current Campaign

Block by Block


Block by Block is a participatory, multimedia project that will engage young people in the collection and dissemination of stories of migration that have contributed to the shaping of Canada’s multicultural identity from Confederation to the present day. Focusing on the role of neighbourhoods in settlement, Block by Block will explore the impact that three historic neighbourhoods have had in establishing and maintaining Canada as a popular destination for people from around the world. 


The project will focus on: 

● St. John’s Ward, Toronto Ontario 

● Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal, Québec 

● Strathcona, Vancouver, British Columbia 


As popular destinations for many of Canada’s first waves of immigrants, these neighbourhoods have played a vital role in Canada’s history. Led by youth, Block by Block seeks to engage the public in a dialogue around the impact local communities have in the lives of newcomers. Through this exchange of personal stories, reflections, testimonies and resources we hope to create a better understanding of the role neighbourhoods play in fostering a more inclusive society. 


The project will seek to answer: 

● What role do neighbourhoods in cities as large as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver play in the settlement of newcomers? What has this meant historically and what does it mean now? ● What makes a neighbourhood more inclusive and welcoming to newcomers? 

● What can we learn from neighbourhoods about being inclusive? 

● Do neighbourhoods have a role to play in building a more inclusive society? 

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